Brigid might not be the new kid on the Southtown block anymore, but with Chef Justin Richardson now heading the kitchen, exciting things are happening at this already dynamic and intriguing restaurant. After a Summer opening by Steve Mahoney and his powerhouse team, Brigid has firmly established itself as one of San Antonio’s premier fine dining spots. But while the food is refined and the service is impeccable, don’t expect to find white tablecloths or piped classical music in this joint. The finish out of the interior is stunning and creates a wonderful level of hip sophistication. Complimented by a killer Alt playlist, the vibes at Brigid were spot on. It created an atmosphere where hip Millennials could feel rich and fancy for a night, and actual rich and fancy Baby Boomers could feel like hip Millennials. Because of that, the crowd was diverse but everyone was equally energized by the aforementioned vibes.

Now lets get down to the details. We first stopped by Brigid for a late dinner Saturday night. We immediately got comfortable in our booth with a glass of sparkling Rosé and settled in for an amazing evening of food. While the service overall was fantastic, our server, Adam, was especially superb and put up with our total weirdness (including references to Justin Timberlake, bringing sexy back, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle). We often judge a place by how well the staff can handle our crazy, so Brigid knocked it out of the park on that front. Luckily for us, the table next door was the world’s strangest bachelor party so they matched our crazy tit for tat (including topics of conversation like Wild Zebra, who has the better beard, and the movie Sophie’s Choice). Not for nothing, they also thought we were profesh food journalists who were super important.

Enough about our propensity for making our waiters uncomfortable, let’s talk about the food. Our first taste of Brigid was a masterful uni salad with garlic foam, grapefruit, and arugula. The flavors were bright and refreshing, and the presentation in a sea urchin shell was gorgeous. Indeed, a common theme at Brigid is the gorgeous plating Chef Richardson employs. Every plate is literally a work of art. We then moved on to cheesy grits with braised veal cheeks and sous vide duck confit. If it was socially acceptable for me to live in a vat of cheesy grits I would, so needless to say it was one of the best things I ate all night. Duck confit is another one of my all time favorite dishes, and Brigid’s sous vide take on it yielded a delicious dish with off-the-charts tenderness.

After such a strong showing from the apps, the entrees did not disappoint. I’m a sucker for fresh pasta and braised meat, so the braised short rib pappardelle with sauce ragu and basil was a no brainer. The dish was warm and comforting, and I had to actively stop myself from licking the bowl clean. Next up on this meat parade was the granola crusted venison chops with charred spring onion and yogurt sauce. Brigid excels at the meat game, lemme tell you that. We rounded out our amazing meal with a trio of sorbets: vanilla bean, blackberry, and passion fruit dusted with pistachio.

Unlike a lot of restaurants, Brigid’s cocktail and wine program is equally as impressive as their food. Obviously the team behind Blue Box, George’s Keep, and Francis Bogside knows what’s up when it comes to booze, and the cocktails at Brigid reflect that. We tried the Time for Tea (vodka, tea-infused syrup, and citrus) and the Pimm’s Cup. Both were perfectly boozy and refreshing (mine lasted literally 2 minutes it was so good). Luckily our waiter was a sommelier in disguise and recommended the perfect wine pairings with each course, making the meal infinitely more enjoyable.

Our time at Brigid was not complete without a trip back for brunch. Bitches love brunch. A mere 12 hours later we returned, slightly rested and slightly hung over (as you should be for brunch). In the light of day Brigid was just as beautiful. Their brunch beverages were just what the doctor ordered, with delicious French press coffee, peach bellinis, and a bloody Mary with a gazpacho tinge and a serious kick. When biscuits and gravy are on the menu, you’re obligated to order them, so we did just that. If you dream of the soft, buttery biscuits your grandma used to make these aren’t them because these biscuits are about four million times better than your grandma’s (no offense). For our entrees we went with the eggs benedict and the chicken and waffles. Both dishes were outstanding and really elevated classic brunch staples to a whole new level. With full stomachs and the perfect post-brunch buzz, we bid Brigid adieu.